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At Stinessen, we are a small team. All handpicked by Stinessen to be the best at what we do. We specialise in projects that are meaningful. For you and our nature.

A notepad, water pitcher, and a water glass on a table.
Employees at By Stinessen sitting in the office and discussing.

Discussing the details of a project at our office in Udine, Italy. Emanuela Bonardi, Head of Office, with Marianna Mazzucco. Our projects take place in different parts of the world; we travel and live far apart, but the bliss of the modern world is that we can still work seamlessly together at all times. You can sit beside someone or far apart, but understanding each other in creative design demands something else. It requires hard work, intuition, common interest and respect – the ingredients of a great team.

Snorre Stinessen leaning his head on his arm and looking into the room.

I am always the personal contact for our clients and always directly involved in the design process. We understand and know projects may change along the way, very few things in life are just straightforward.

Visiting address Tromsø/Lyngen

Christian VII´s gate 12 or where the Airstream may be


Visiting address Udine

Piazza Matteotti 11/16