Hopp til innhold
Two modern cabins built on support pillars from the mountain, overlooking water and mountains.

I do not design houses, which may sound at odds with being an architect. But, to me, our task is to use our historical references, education and experience to design spaces that interact with both you and the surroundings in a thoughtful way.

The sun is beating down on the deck and the side wall of a wooden cabin.
Lyngen Alps
Moss on a snow-covered surface.
A building adorned with wooden slats, with pedestrians and cyclists outside.
KFUM Family Arena
Illustration created by the architect Snorre Stinessen.
A modern/holistic cabin with large windows located in the midst of the forest, surrounded by nature.
A house leaning over a slope during winter.
Modern building on a islet, surrounded by water.
Illustration created by the architect Snorre Stinessen.
View from the terrace into a house. The house is situated in nature with a view over a lake.
The exterior of a modern cabin in black contrasting with the white snow.
Narvik Top Station
A solitary cabin high up in a mountain with a view of a small pond down in the valley.
Cabane de Tortin
At the top of a grass-covered mound rests a modern, brightly lit building.
Silo Ridge
Modern apartment block on the mountainside with a view overlooking the valley and the mountains.
Narvik Arctic Resort
A snow-covered cabin nestled at an angle in the midst of the forest.
Illustration created by the architect Snorre Stinessen.
A wooden building with large windows right by the water and surrounded by nature.
One side of a building with a spacious terrace and an angled wall.
A building with two terraces, viewed from a frog's perspective.
A small pathway surrounded by water leading up to a large black building.
Surrey Hills
The exterior of a wooden cabin.
Cabin situated on a rocky slope with a terrace hovering over the water, offering a view of mountains.
View of two cabins in the midst of nature, surrounded by mountains and water.
A modern cabin hovering above the snow-covered ground.