Hopp til innhold

From large-scale landscape to millimetre details

The main building is positioned on a natural plateau facing the pebble beach just below. The concrete floor and terraces are an extension of the natural terrain and set the building in its place. The high ceilings create a spacious shelter from the outdoors, the windowless slanting east wall closes the space and focuses the interior spaces comfortably towards the private views of the nature and ocean outside. With chosen materials kept to a fundamental few, the exterior cladding is made from Nordic green copper to withstand the salty air and the inside is clad in silver fur, with a hard brushed surface softening the feel of the high ceilings.

A part of a kitchen surrounded by large windows to bring nature inside.

The layout divides the building into two wings, with an autonomous part on the south side complete with bedrooms, connected bathrooms and a living room. The master bedroom is positioned on the far south side with direct access to the partly covered terrace enjoying the daytime sun. At the same time, the living room is adjacent to the covered courtyard.

The other bedrooms are housed in an oak-clad box, where the oak provides a different natural warmth and retreat. The box also discreetly houses several integrated functions and spaces. A long multifunctional bench made from reclaimed wood also offers practical storage space and a different kind of sitting space.

The northern part of the building houses the kitchen and dining room, offering unobstructed views of the open seas in the north and the panoramic views to the west. This volume is brought almost to the roofline’s edge, providing direct views to the south and sheltering the inner courtyard. The double curved wooden interior wall and high glass northern wall set at an angle directs the views towards the main northern views. The kitchen by Bulthaup forms a solitary island to set up the different zones without disturbing the spatial volume.

All interiors and furniture were either custom-designed or chosen to create a holistic experience.